1. What is AI

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Section A of our introduction to No-Code AI is designed to help you learn the principles and mechanics of Artificial Intelligence, and develop the knowledge required to lead in the Age of AI. 

In this video, we are going to define AI - what it is and its practical uses in business today.

Let’s start with the Texas Rangers. Now you wouldn’t usually associate a baseball team with one that would embrace AI and Machine Learning. However, sport is business, and correctly implemented, AI benefits business. For the Rangers, revenue was declining, and they needed to get to the bottom of it.

The insights were fascinating. When ticket sales and attendances were predicted to be lower during the holiday season, advertising and marketing would kickstart specials and promotions around holiday ticket sales.

When Staff costs escalated they learned the bulk of these costs accrued during rain delays. Reallocating staff from box-office windows to other kiosks paid dividends without making redundancies.

This example helps in answering: What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a wide-ranging branch of computer science. It uses machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. Correctly implemented, artificial intelligence anticipates problems and deals with issues as they arise at scale. 

As Artificial Intelligence enhances human performance and augments people’s capabilities it provides us with endless potential and opportunities. 

Within the healthcare sector, it's helping to diagnose diseases and improve the quality of treatment. In manufacturing, it’s revolutionizing processes, protecting budgets, and avoiding static production rates. 

In fact, rather than name each industry application, it is easier to say that AI is already present and utilized across every industry.

The best thing - if you watch all these videos sequentially we’ll show you from A-Z how you can utilize AI and make AutoML and Time Series predictions to drive your business forward into the next revolution. 

Next up we cover Machine Learning. So join us in our next video.

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