3. What is Supervised Learning

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In our previous video, we walked through Machine Learning - what it is and why it’s important. In this video, we’re going to dive into supervised learning, a subfield of machine learning.

So picture this - It’s 2004 and Google has just released Gmail. It was a more peaceful time in your inbox if you consider that, today, half of 300 million emails sent daily are spam. 

This vast growth in the volume of emails sent made the smart chaps at Google realize they needed to create spam filters and promotional inboxes to preserve your inbox and sanity.

Spam email detection is an example of a supervised learning problem. 

Its name originates from the idea that training this type of algorithm is like having a teacher supervise the whole process. 

We provide the machine learning model with a set of example data and let it find relevant patterns from the data. Supervised learning can be split into two subcategories: 

Classification, and Regression.

Classification is anything and everything where you take data and try to predict labels, such as “Is the email subject line all capital letters?” (YES or NO) or “What groceries should I stock up on today?” (Bread, Pasta, or Juice).

The second subcategory is:

Regression: This type of machine learning is anything and everything where you try to predict a number output for a new item. For instance, “What is the price of this apartment going to be in 2 months from now?” ($2,300). “What is the time of productivity if people work from home?” (5 hours).

Supervised machine learning helps businesses solve challenges at scale. It can be used to predict housing prices, customer churn, loan default, cross-selling opportunities, credit card fraud detection and as per our example whether or not an email is a spam.  

Best of all? It used to take months to build these types of models, but now, within minutes Obviously AI builds high-performing accurate regression and classification machine learning models for you. Better yet, by watching these videos sequentially you’ll soon be able to build your own model and start accurately predicting future events specific to your business circumstances. 

So stick with us by joining us in our next video, where we’ll explore time series and its business application.

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